7E42AEAA-0FFE-4BA6-87AF-2CA4C18F280CI’m Elizabeth, so nice to meet you!  Just a little intro about myself…I grew up amongst mountains and waterfalls in a tiny foothill town outside of Yosemite National Park. Most of our families still live in that area.

My husband (Dave) and I met and married in our early twenties and moved to San Luis Obispo, California shortly after he finished culinary school.  For eight years he worked his way around some of the best restaurants and bakeries the central coast offers, while I stayed home with our two littles and worked part time.  We learned so much about life, food, and community in those years on the coast!  It really shaped how we’ve chosen to raise our family and live our lives.

2020 hit, and like so many others around the world, we took a deep breath and started dreaming up our next adventure.  It felt like anything was possible and why not take a big leap and see what happens?!  So leap we did! We settled on the great northwest as our dream area and set to finding a job for Dave and a home for our family.  In the fall of 2020, Dave was contacted by an executive chef at a destination ski resort in North Idaho.  They were looking for a head chef for their summit restaurant at the resort.  The job seemed almost too good to be true…full time, benefits, free ski passes for the family, oh and he would HAVE to ski down at the end of the day or be trained to drive the snowcat on food order days. We pulled into town exactly two weeks after his interview with our moving truck, the four of us, a family friend, and a lot of excitement for our next season of life.

So, here we are today! Loving the Inland Northwest so much.  After two years here, we are settled in, a part of the community, and enjoying our seasons.  This blog used to be a catalog of recipes and mostly food related posts.  I hope to bring you so much more!  I want to encourage you to build your own community and relationships around you, hopefully over a great meal and a fun game or two!

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