Harmony…population: 18

The hills are green…”top o’ the morn’ to you” green.  There are wildflowers I have never seen before.  They are blooming full of splendor and beauty.  Their colors are so striking against those green hills; and they dance, waving in the ocean breeze.  Oh yes, that ocean is just over those hills of green.  If you listen quietly you will hear the soft rush of water crashing on shore.

This scene is not from some far away land or out of a book.  It is the backdrop for one of the cutest little pit stops along the iconic Highway 1 between San Luis Obispo and Big Sur.  Or as we have the pleasure of calling it…our backyard.

This is the town of Harmony; population: 18.

Harmony, California Population 18From the highway you can see a beautiful, old, rustic dairy.  There are several other barns and buildings that cluster together to make up the fairy tale village.  You can tell that these buildings are the authentic kind of rustic.  Not just a style trend.  Off in the distance you will see the beautiful Harmony Cellars, a local favorite for wine tasting and live music. Peering at the hillsides, you’ll soon discover that the population is mostly made up of happy cows from California.  They graze on that bright green grass and you can’t help but understand why these are the happy cows.

Harmony, California Population 18
A mini museum full of tidbits about the history of this dairy town, quickly reveals a quaint sitting room complete with complimentary coffee and hot cocoa.  Photos surround you of when this dairy was bustling.  You are taken back to the liveliness these walls once experienced.
Harmony, California Population 18As you wrap around the dairy, you’ll meet a “smashing” fellow…er…lady.  She is part of a local art collection that can be viewed around the county right now.  This lady in green welcomes you to an old fashioned ice cream truck just waiting to serve up a tasty frozen treat to whomever pulls over.  The ice cream was so smooth, creamy and refreshing.  They even have mini cones to boot, just in case their oversized portions are too much.

You’ll also find a glass blowing shop and a pottery shed.  They showcase local artisans and their delightful wares.  All with a California coastal twist whether it be poppies or starfish or hillside graphics.

As we wandered around the brick pathways we imagined the beautiful parties that would be hosted at this location. Wedding receptions; a 40th birthday; a 50th anniversary. The options abound! It doesn’t take long to experience this town.  After all, how big is a town of 18 people? But you definitely would miss out if you drove on by this picture perfect hamlet without stopping. You know you want to stop and once you stop, you’ll have a hard time getting everyone back on the road.signatures

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